Living Heart, in whatever form it is given, is all about opening to the wisdom and the love of your own innocent heart, and to bring that love and all of your potentials into embodiment. Love is what we came here for and Living the heart is the way to go.

Brazil Tour 2016

“Magical Mystery Tour” in Brazil 12/1- 01/2 2016 Read More»

Woman of Wisdom

"Woman of Wisdom” in Paradise 10-13 september A Heart-awakening women retreat on Ananda Mandala in Småland in Sweden with Living Heart guide Deva Talasi, and Kundalini yoga teacher Cristine Lilavati assisted by musicians. Read More»

About Deva Talasi

Living Heart Guide, Deva Talasi from Denmark, is an experienced workshop and ceremony leader, who trough out the most of her life, her work has been in support of the awakening of the heart and loves wisdom. Read More»
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